Friday, August 29, 2008

Miscellaneous Update

Madelyn is obsessed with Webkins! Ma is visiting and surprised Madelyn with them in her bed with this note. She loved it!!!

Daddy helping Rylie play Basketball.

Rylie approaching the basket....

While I was looking in a costume box, Rylie found this and refused to take it off. She loves to dress up.

Skyler bowling at a Birthday party.

Madelyn at the party.

Carson showing Skyler how it's done!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rylie and Skyler

Rylie is such a goofy girl! Beth made her this felt skirt a week ago and she has to wear it every day. Sometimes it's a skirt, a hat, a jacket, whatever she feels like making it that day. And in this picture I told her to stand and say cheese, and she moved to the wall, turned around, smiled, and said, "deez."

Skyler is a kid who still needs a nap, but mommy would rather him go to bed early. So needless to say, he ends up falling asleep at the weirdest times and in the weirdest places. Here he was eating lunch and got really quiet. We looked at him, and for five minutes he ate grapes with his eyes closed. Finally he gave it up and crashed on the kitchen table. Maybe he will be like his grandpa, who is famous for falling asleep mid-sentence! Narcolepsy, anyone?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Indoor Camp Out

The kids had a camp out in the playroom last night with Auntie Beth. They "roasted marshmallows", did mad libs, and even wrote letters home. They set up a Spiderman tent and made s'mores. Madelyn especially got into it and put up signs everywhere, like "Don't feed the bears!". Below I posted our favorite sign Madelyn did, which I also typed under it.


This letter will talk about the wonders around you. There will be good wonders and bad wonders. Good wonders are for the ones that get scared. If you get scared camp around the good wonders. Signs of good wonders are, rabbits, daisys, and life everywhere. Bad wonders are for ones who are adventurouos. If you aren't scared of anything camp near the bad wonders. Signs of bad wonders are, bears, venius fly traps, and death everywhere you step. Thats all the info you need to know about the woods. Good luck camping!

Park Ranger
(Paper torn at the bottom and is noted as a "bear claw tear")

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to school

Yes, it's already here! School is back and I'm the rare mother who is majorly bummed out. We had a great and relaxing summer with almost no boredom or fighting. The 2 little kids are also so much better with Madelyn and Carson here. I hate the commute and all the homework (I feel like I'm back in school again). Oh well...Here are Madelyn and Carson ready on their first day. Madelyn started fourth grade and Carson started second. They got awesome teachers and had a good day. And Auntie Beth surprised them and made these cool cupcakes for them to eat when they got home. Let the fun that is school begin......

Rylie's first "big girl " ponytail

My sweetie girl Rylie got her first big girl ponytail Sunday and was NOT happy about it. I love it cuz it makes her look so old and beautiful. I swear, I am so madly in love with this baby!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fun with Dad :)

Tonight Jared took the three older kids to the Diamondbacks game. I was invited, but told Jared I'd rather die than sit through baseball. It bores me out of my gourd. Basketball I can totally do, but baseball moves too slow for me. Besides, it's nice for them to have daddy-only time before Jared's busy season kicks into high gear. So here's the picture I took before the game when we met up with Jared. I guess the kids got bored easily, and they reported that the snacks were the best part of the game. Now those are my kids!!!

Rylie's Favorite Things

My Rylie girl LOVES stuffed animals. I've even tried to give her babies and dollies and she immediately chucks them and grabs any nearby stuffed animals. She steals the other kids stuffed animals and the bigger they are the better! She's had this love for a long time and it's so cute! She calls them her babies. She'll pile them into a dolly stroller and when she wakes up from her nap, she hands them to me one by one and jabbers on about them individually. In these pictures she sat in her dolly stroller and wanted her Aunt Beth to pile more and more on her until we could barely see her. Silly goose!

Our Little Jack-o-Lantern

Carson was so brave today! Because his teeth were so messed up and crammed on the bottom, he got 3 teeth extracted. Making it worse, he lost a top front tooth yesterday. So we are praying for a miracle before school pictures happen. But he knew he would get some shots and that there would be some pain and it didn't faze him one bit. I was so proud of him! That doesn't come from me cuz I am the biggest wusspants ever to live. Even when he was a baby and toddler he would get shots and not cry. It's funny that my tiniest kid is the most fearless.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Halloween Ideas

I realized that earlier when I asked for Halloween ideas in a post, that knowing what we've done in the past would be helpful. I am like the least creative person in the world and am running out of good ideas. It's amazing I was able to match the kids this long, and I just trust other's creativity more that my own. Kos, I love that you already have some! Please anyone that can help, it would be much appreciated :).

Halloween 2001

Halloween 2002

Halloween 2003 (One of my favorites!)

Halloween 2004

Halloween 2005 (Another favorite!)

Halloween 2006

Halloween 2007 (Too Cute!)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Scary Bad Luck...

I had something crappy happen on Thursday, which was my actual anniversary, but haven't shared it due to all the celebrating we've been busy doing. My sister and I went to Lifetime Fitness with all my kids cuz Madelyn and Carson were starting basketball classes there. (I am no longer a member there because it takes up my whole day and half the time we would go Rylie freaked and caused me to end early all the time. I exercise at home, but look forward to the day that I can rejoin when all the kids are in school) So Madelyn and Carson finished class, and then we ate dinner at the gym cafe. It was a frantic zoo with all four kids and I wasn't as aware about my purse and wallet as I should be. So we finished dinner and went into the family bathroom to wipe the kids up. Bethany took two of my kids into the car and I took two of them to go potty. When I got back to my car Beth said my wallet was gone. We searched everywhere in the gym and couldn't find it. We left to calm down and get frozen yogurt, but after returned to the gym. They had found my wallet wrapped in a towel in the family bathroom. I was so excited to get the actual wallet back, but then horrified when I opened it up and almost eveything was gone. I cried, but then went home to call and cancel all my credit cards. I made peace with my stuff being taken because I can get new credit cards and a new drivers liscense. And I was thrilled that at least they returned my expensive wallet. I just hate that my address is out there with a psycho. The cops are involved and assured me that usually these idiots chuck your id quick and don't come to your house. We'll see. Fingers crossed!

Good Work, Jared!

As I wrote before, Jared and I just celebrated our tenth anniversary. For the past 18 months I've been very obnoxious and made it clear I wanted a new ring for our tenth anniversary. WOW!!! I am in love! Jared and I went away Friday night to the Westin Hotel and he actually caught me by suprise with this ring. He had me convinced that he didn't get one and then pulled this out. He scored! It is really sweet too because Jared's friend Molly's parents own a nice jewelry store in Kansas City. Jared sent them a picture of what I wanted and they didn't have anything like it . So a week ago their jeweler made it from scratch. Jared has been amazing this year. First, for my 30th birthday in January, he sent my mom and I to a Scottsdale hotel and spa for the weekend. Then we went away for a few days to San Diego in July. And then last night we stayed at the amazing Westin Villas in Scottsdale (It was beautiful, right on the golf course. It was a suite with a jet tub and a kitchen and family room. This time a year anyone can stay at 4 and 5 star hotels for pretty cheap because of the sucky hot weather.) And lastly he gave me my special new ring. He truly made my 30th and our 10th anniversary very special. So I say, "Good work, Jared!

Friday, August 1, 2008

10 Years Already!!!

Yesterday Jared and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary. I can't believe how fast time has gone. We have 4 healthy, beautiful kids and actually still really like each other :). We laugh a lot and love to verbally spar and mess with each other. Jared is my best friend and favorite person to make fun of. Here's a few pictures to celebrate this milestone...

Jared and I when we first started dating (And the picture where Jared's mom commented, "Wow, her head is huge!"..I like to think it's my big brain) Oct. 1997

Jared made me a chain counting down our Wedding date-Cute! (I was a huge overall fan)
July 1998

Our Wedding Day-July 31, 1998

Leaving for our Hawaiian Honeymoon-August 1, 1998

The Frost Kids

More recent pictures of the kids!

Madelyn celebrating her 9th Birthday...Wow, she's old!

Madelyn's new love-Webkinz.

Carson is Jared's mini-me :)

Madelyn ready for church.

Carson ready for church.

Skyler ready for church.