Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oprah Stuff

rest of boxes

camera, 3-3D blue rays, chocolates, workout pants (voucher in red bag)

IPAD, hair care products, popcorn popper, brownie edge pan

lasagna and brownie pans, Jay-Z book, ceramic knives, Kiehl's lotion, weight loss book, Black-eyed peas CD, collector plates

towels, aromatherapy oils, truffle oil and truffle salt

special edition Tory Burch bag (I have a voucher for matching grey Tory Burch ballet flats), $1000 closet makeover from the container store

Coach bag (apparently this specific bag is hard to find), fancy olive oil set, remote control helicopter

massage oils, Clinique lipgloss and perfumes, philosophy skincare, sweet potato butter, Anthropologie ornaments, Sony 3D, watch

limited edition watch with real diamonds!!! one of my faves :)

ELF makeup, expresso cups (worth $175, which my 3 year old immediately broke), bubbles that are also perfumes?, lotion and body wash, Amish popcorn?, awesome Judith Ripka earrings (which I didn't get a good pic of but are in the pink bag)

giftcards: 5 yrs Netflix, 52 inch Sony 3D tv and blue ray player, Nike shoes, pannini maker, $1000 to Nordstrom's, some expensive leggings and tunic, new pots and pans set, some Oprah shirt, $900 worth of candles, Ralph Lauren cashmere sweater and throw (ridiculous cost of $1,100 total)

same stuff except gift card for some mac and cheese Oprah likes....I feel obnoxious but people requested photos....I didn't post a picture of the stuff I got from the magazine, but listed it in a previous post...I am too lazy to photo it :)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

First round of stuff from Oprah. I thought it was nice they wrapped it :)

Oprah box before I opened it.

Oprah gifts. I didn't get pics of the stuff after, but some of it was: a nook reader, flip video camera, jammies, a watch, a yoga mat, saucony running shoes, Life and National geographic Dvd's and Cd roms, fancy humidifier, paper shredder, a camera, Rayban aviators, digital frame, clogs, fancy pitcher, knives, a cashmere blanket, sweater, and scarves, etc. Apparently they also adopted an elephant in my name; his name is Shukuru :)? And I got some odd stuff I don't know what to do with yet. I guess the stuff from the show is coming soon...

Santa came. The kids got a bike, a basketball hoop, Epic Mickey for the Wii, and some tangled stuff.


Santa letters and treats.

Rylie's awesome letter she drew and wrote the words all by herself. It says "toy bunnies" and her name and she drew those 3 bunnies. They look like gumdrops with jellyfish feet :)

Christmas morning

My Christmas card wreath

Ready to start!




Rylie, she really wanted makeup :)

Upstairs for gifts

Carson got a Footlocker giftcard to buy the new Kobe shoes from Ma & Grandpa! He loved it!

Lots of booty!

Rylie got her first big girl Barbie and it took 2 seconds for the top to come off! Barbie is such a skank :)

The aftermath!


This is so not my style!!!

Now I feel bad for every mom that I gave her kid moondough for their birthday, yikes!!!

Jared sleeping with dollies, courtesy of Rylie :)

Stuff Madelyn made everyone for Christmas. My purse is awesome because it is very shallow and wide with really far apart straps :)

Madelyn made Rylie this mole because her friend who helped her sew only knew how to make this animal! Hilarious!

Madelyn made Jared this tie and it was too short and thin, so I had to get an emergency gift of candy for Jared from Madelyn :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

More December

Madelyn is a beginner in the guitar club at school and they had a winter concert. She played Jingle Bells and did an awesome job!

After the concert.

Carson's last basketball game of the season.

Awards and treats after the game.

Carson getting his award for best outside shooting.

He loved every minute of it and we are so proud of him :)

Madelyn and Carson on the train at our neighborhood Christmas party.

Daddy and Skyler.

Mommy and Rylie. I swear I am not looking this pregnant, it's just a weird angle :/

The kids with Santa at the party.

They had a lot to ask him for!!!

Then they got treats from Mrs. Claus.

Santa's reindeer were also there.

The Frost cousins' present swap at Darren and Stacie's house in Colorado Springs.

Rylie was such a stinker and wouldn't smile because she wanted the Tangled doll cousin Katie got. She is totally over it now and loves her princess bath toy from Aunt Stacie.