Thursday, October 10, 2013

Party for the Twins' First Birthday 10-6-13

The Birthday girls!

Ella loves sunglasses!

Emerson is too wiggly to keep them on :)

Ella present

Emerson present

Emerson reading her new book

These girls LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba!

check out those awesome eyelashes

Blakey thought this Toodie was his

Love at first sight!

Happy Emerson

Ella drinking her pre-cake baba :)

It's cake smashing time!

Barbie cakes made by Ma

Ella was not a fan!

"Get this stupid barbie out of my way!"


It was the opposite of how we thought it would go. Emerson is less into food and more of an observer, while Ella is my spunky girl who is OBSESSED with food! Emerson demolished her cake, while Ella delicately picked off each flower sprinkle and was very ladylike 

All bathed and in her new jammies

Emerson all clean and playing with her new toy

Friday, October 4, 2013


The morning we had the twins
In labor and in a lot of pain!
Welcome to the world Ella Kate and Emerson Sophia-October 2, 2012
Tired and happy mommy
Mastering the double baby hold :)

Emerson, the one year old!
Ella is one year old!

Blake insisted on taking a picture.  He kept saying "cheese"

Birthday girls together

Always on the move :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Bathing Suits

We didn't go to the pool once this summer, but I had to dress them in their suits and take pics!

Ella & Emerson

My sweet Blakey boy

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Family Vacation to Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Botanical Gardens

Everyone who went to the gardens


Rylie, Madelyn, Aunt Adriana, and Uncle Brian

More of the Gardens


Blake and Skyler

Ma, Rylie, and cousin Evelyn

Fish Creek Falls

Carson, Madelyn, and Skyler

The whole group.  We went on vacation with our whole family, Adri's family, Beth, and Ma and Grandpa.

Fish Creek Falls

Ella on 4th of July

Emerson on 4th of July

All the kids on the 4th.  Carson wasn't feeling as festive :) 


Blakey Boy

Fireworks from our Balcony

Watching the fireworks together

Emerson appreciated Ma letting her stay up for the fireworks

Rylie at the Botanical Gardens



Trail to waterfall

Madelyn ready to tube down the Yampa River with Aunt Bethany

4th of July sparklers!!!

Our Steamboat rental house

AMAZING banana split from the local soda fountain, Lyons Drug Store :)