Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last of 2009

I know this is a ridiculous amount of pictures but after this post I plan on printing out and binding my blog as a scrapbook so I went crazy with the pictures. Thank you for suffering through it :)!

The Frost cousins got together at our house for their annual gift swap.

Rylie opening her gift from cousin Katie.

Madelyn loving her gift.

Skyler got spy goggles.

Carson received legos, which he loves also.

Our tree ready on Christmas morning.

Sadly this year Santa was too lazy to put the gifts together.

Our stockings that had to be moved to the basement cuz 3 of our 4 kids had insomnia til 3am!

My new white nativity.

I wanted pictures of the new house decorated before I put it all away.

More cute decorations.

So Christmassy!

I love my Pottery Barn advent calendar :)

Sparkley garland.

Entry way.

Table and family room.

Christmas card wreath.

Ready to open gifts on Christmas morning.

Reading the Santa letter...check out Rylie's scary it!

They got bikes from Santa!

Rylie got a wagon!

Carson opening his stocking.

More decor pics, of dining room table...out of order due to it not being clean til now!

Carson, Skyler, Madelyn, and Rylie.

They all got Wii games.

Carson loved his Laker gear from Ma and Grandpa.

Rylie opening backpack.

Skyler loved his Zhu Zhu pet even though it doesn't look like it :)

This made Carson's year. He got Nugget basketball tickets for when they play the Laker's. Thank you Jared's boss!!!

Rylie dressed in her new Christmas accessories on her own and came up to my room like this. I cracked up!

She's so cute!

Skyler didn't want to be left out.

He's gonna getcha!

Hamming it up together.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

December 2009

My four kids in their Christmas jammies.

Carson getting his first badge in cub scouts.

The kids at our neighborhood Christmas party with two of Santa's reindeer.

Dancer and Cupid.

Rylie with daddy at the party on the Christmas Train.

Mommy and Skyler ready to go!

The choo choo at the party-this neighborhood is awesome!

Madelyn and Rylie.

Carson and Skyler. As you can see we loved the train. We rode it 3 times!

My kids with Santa Clause. This party was so fun, with Santa and his reindeer, the choo choo train, hot chocolate and cookies, and other and treats and gift baskets to win or purchase.

Me and my kids checking out Christmas lights near our house. Note my cool new winter gear!

Madelyn in her Christmas outfit before church.

Carson in his Christmas clothes.

Skyler all Christmass-ey!

Rylie all decked out for Christmas.

Our whole family dressed for Christmas Church.