Monday, February 14, 2011

Our annual family Valentine's Feast

Every year for Valentine's day we have a heart-themed meal together. The kids also get goody bags and lots of treats and surprises. My mom was awesome and always made every holiday special for us, so I make my feeble attempt with my kids. Plus I am not an everyday fun mom, but I am a 5-6 time a year fun mom so I have to make it count ;)

I tried to put hearts on the top of my marshmallow pops and only this one sort of worked. I gave up after this one and did the entire tops red :/

Rylie enjoying her pop, such a cutie!

Heart hamburgers

The food spread

Heart watermelon

Rainbow jello, Valentine's style :)

Heart cheeseburgers and heart icecubes

Treat bags for the kids

Bouquet of marshmallow pops

My kids were so excited!

I figured I would get in the pic since I rarely am :)

New Beginnings

Madelyn will be 12 in July and that means she will be going into Young Women's. She is very excited, except for girl's camp because she gets homesick. Last Wednesday our ward had New Beginnings and invited the incoming girls to introduce them to the program.

Some of the Young Women, Madelyn is by the podium.

They were spotllighting her ( in the guitar hoodie ) and she got really embarassed :)

Friday, February 4, 2011


Well we found out what we're having. The baby is.....a boy! Anyone who knows me knows I really wanted a girl. I'm okay with that now and maybe number six will be a girl. What sucks is picking a boy name. We got nothing! Any suggestions would be awesome! Girl names seem easier, and baby name books are 90% crap! The other bummer is that I have a buttload of girl clothes and acessories. I had gotten unisex stuff for my first three, so with Rylie I went all out. Pink bedding, stroller, carseat, you name it I got it. So I am also a little bummed to have to buy all new stuff. But we are really excited and he looked way cute in the ultrasound. His man parts were huge though and he already looks circumcised. Well, one less thing to worry about :)

Visiting the McEwen Family

Sorry this is TONS of pictures but I couldn't help it. Rylie and I went to Utah to visit my sister, her husband, and their new baby Evelyn Grace. Enjoy!

Rylie at the airport.

Love her from the back with her suitcase :)

Ready to go.

Rylie was excited to fly for the very first time. She did great!

Mommy and Rylie.

Baby Evelyn's first day at church.

Uncle Brian, Evelyn, and Rylie.

Cute little McEwen family.

She looks like a baby doll!



Slumber Party!

They were bonding

Smiley girl :)

This is what I did the whole time, just hold and cuddle her, it was sooo much fun!

Love this!

She's so cute!

Sisters (and baby)

We had such a good time visiting

Saying goodbye :(

Exhausted and on our way home

This and That

Madelyn and mommy.

Madelyn at the school spelling bee.

The final two!

My little winner (of the entire school!) with her teacher Mrs. Whatley.

Jared and Rylie fell asleep on the couch, so cute!