Sunday, April 25, 2010

Family Pictures

Between the weddding and reception for my sister in California, we had family pictures done in my parents backyard. Here are the results :)

The Fam.

I love how green these are in the background, but we joke that Madelyn looks the foster child we don't love as much!!!





Jared and I

The Pinewood Derby

Saturday morning Carson had his first Pinewood Derby for scouts. He had a blast and we loved being there to cheer him on.

I made these car cookies for the refreshments.

Carson before the races began.

One of the other dads made this amazing track!

It even had an electronic timer connected to a computer that tracked and averaged race times...Fancy!

Our whole family...I look so tired because it was 8:30am on Saturday morning...yikes!

Carson's yellow car at the starting line.

He got second place in this heat!

Carson getting his award.

Carson's yellow Laker's car won for most colorful, yay!

My little guy :).

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Laker Game

Carson adores the Lakers! So when daddy's boss gave him tickets to a Nuggets vs Lakers game,
it made Carson's life! We gave them to him for Christmas and he has been anxiously awaiting for April to arrive. They went on Thursday the 8th and had a blast!

Carson at home before the game.

Carson and daddy.

The Lakers warming up.

Look at my cute little superfan at the game :)

The one bummer was that Kobe was sick or something, and didn't play. And he is Carson's favorite! But he still had the time of his life!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Reading the bunny letter.

The kids with all their goodies.

Skyler got Paperoni.

Carson got basketball cards.

Rylie got these cute little animals.

Madelyn got a mug and some hot chocolate, which she is obsessed with!

Rylie was so excited to find eggs.

Carson has an awesome new hairdo :)

Time to hunt for eggs.

Rylie with her basket.

Skyler found one!

Carson did too!



Swimming fun!

While my mom visited here in Colorado the week before Easter, we went to this awesome indoor pool near our house. We had so much fun and will definitely go there again!

Skyler loved the water, which was suprising because he is deathly afraid of pools. He almost drowned when he was three.

Rylie in her cute new alligator suit.

Skyler and Rylie.

Skyler enjoyed these sprinklers a little too much!

My handsome boy.


All four kids...These were the only ones of Madelyn and Carson because they were off by themselves doing the slide and lazy river. And clearly Madelyn needs a new suit since she grew out of her old one :)

Visiting my Bethie :)

After Adriana's wedding i stayed at my mom's house for two weeks while Jared flew back immediately because he is in busy season. Jared didn't want me and the kids driving home alone so my mom is awesome and came with me. We decided to take a detour and stop in Salt Lake City to surprise Bethany on her mission. It was so great. Here are the pics...

Rylie making her funny face at my mom's house.

Skyler fell asleep on my brother Cameron's video game chair.

Rylie in a hotel in Cedar City being a snuggle bug :)

The kids right before we surprised Beth at Temple Square.

My mom with my monkeys :)

Waiting in the visitors center at Temple Square. We were so anxious to see her!

Here she comes! She was so surprised! They even said she was annoyed that "someone" wanted her to give a tour because she works in fleet and was super busy. Priceless!

I love my family!

The Cummings and the Frosts.

Madelyn has missed her maybe the most!

My sister and my best friend!

Beth and her companion doing their job.

We were able to meet up with them again and have dinner together at the Lion House.

The amazing Salt Lake Temple! I miss my sister sooo much! Only ten more months!