Friday, July 23, 2010

Madelyn's Birthday Weekend

Madelyn had her 11th birthday, which turned into the whole weekend. We got pizza, went swimming, had cake and ice cream, played late outside with silly string and glow bracelets, and then some of her friends slept over. Then Saturday morning I took Madelyn and six of her friends to see " The Sorcerer's Apprentice." After we went for lunch at Mcdonald's and then her friends went home at 1:30 pm. Later that night we went to Olive Garden as a family, which is Maddie's favorite restaurant. Then on Sunday Madelyn opened her gifts from Mommy and Daddy, and some from Ma and Grandpa. Afterwards I cooked her favorite Taco Soup and we had FHE. Whew!!! It was fun but exhausting!

Madelyn being sung to at Cici's Pizza. She was really embarassed because this waiter sang loud and very off key.

Rylie loved her pizza!

Madelyn and some of the girls at our neighborhood pool. The party was so long that all the girls didn't make it to every activity. There was a lot of coming and going.

Madelyn going down the cool slide.

Ready for a silly string fight!

Madelyn getting Alysha good!

The fight aftermath, so silly :)

Present time!

So much fun.

Loving her new headbands!

Madelyn's cake, I tried to make balloons :/

Blowing out the candles.

Yum, marshmellow pops!

Madelyn and Alysha.

Madelyn and Morgan.

Madelyn and Emma.

Maddie and Anna.

Maddie and Gabby.

Madelyn and Cierra.

Madelyn and Addie.

Me and the girls after the movie, it was really good!

Opening family presents.

Ipod boombox, thanks Ma!

Huge bag of candy...another awesome "Ma" idea :)!!!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Happenings

I've really slacked on blogging lately. My mom visited the first part of June and then we drove back to California with her and stayed for 4th of July. We have had a ton of fun and now will relax at home the rest of the summer.

Ma was nice and treated her granddaughters to a trip to Build-a-Bear. Here Madelyn is giving Muffin his first bath.

Rylie bathing her bunny, Flower.

My girls had a blast!

Carson had a friend party at the Family Sports Center. Ma made these awesome Lakers cupcakes.

Carson and his friends ready to play laser tag.

Cupcake time!

Carson had a great 9th Birthday party!

Our gorgeous drive through Colorado, on the way to California.

So green and beautiful!
In California near Ma's house. The kids had a lemonade stand and had fun running through the neighbor's sprinklers.

Cummings Family: Ma, Uncle Cameron, Aunt Koseli, Rylie, Uncle Keenan, Madelyn, Aunt Marie, Carson, Uncle Christian, and Skyler. They all played basketball in Ma's yard and had a great time. Obviously this isn't my whole family :).

Rylie with Ma.

We celebrated 4th of July on the 3rd and had a huge BBQ followed by fireworks. Here's Madelyn with Ma watching the fireworks Grandpa bought.

Daddy with the boys watching the action. Most of the Cali trip Jared was working in Colorado, but then he flew to Cali to spend a few days and drive us home.

Rylie loving the fireworks!

Beautiful stop in Utah on the way home.

Since we got home, we have spent a lot of time at our neighborhood pool. Here Skyler is enjoying the kiddie pool.


Silly Rylie girl.

My cutie Madelyn.