Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Skyler's Art Show

Skyler was honored at an art show at the local hospital for kids from his school, grades K-8. We are so proud and he was beaming!

Skyler below his painting of a sunflower. He was so excited and proud!

His art teacher was really impressed because he painted this at the beginning of the year. She said it was way beyond the skill level of most of the other kindergarteners.

Skyler's painting (left, middle) displayed with other students' work.


I know I'm a dork, but somehow I missed this pic of Skyler egg hunting, which no one would have ever noticed but me....OCD strikes again :)

Easter 2011

Sorry this is an insane amount of pictures, but I'll keep the words brief. Also, these may be out of order because they are from two cameras :)

Easter morning.

Madelyn with her basket.




Easter clothes

I think they look pretty darn cute, even though my boys look like they are going on a safari ;)

Last family picture before baby Blake Thomas arrives.

The boys

The girls

I'm big and I still have 6 weeks left, yikes!

Legs, feet, and hands are swollen and I'm starting to get that "punched in the face" look...good times!

Dying eggs

The kids with the finished eggs.

Basket lineup

Mommy and daddy super tired Easter morning!

Outside egg hunt

All my cute munchkins, sucessful in their hunt.

Belly shot from my view!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Madelyn is suddenly growing up, trying a little makeup and having fashion emergencies. She has been somewhat of a tomboy, but all the sudden cares more about her hair and appearance. Yet in a lot of ways she is resisting growing up (she even prayed about whether she should start wearing a bra, heehee. her prayers were answered and she reluctantly joined the club ;) ). She nairs her legs and is starting to rethink hanging out with our 6 year old neighbor, whose heart is going to broken since he asks her to marry him daily. And she can't wait to be in young women's. I should be nervous, but i'm actually loving every minute of it! Madelyn ready for her Junior High dance, dressed in 80's gear