Monday, October 25, 2010

The rest of Fall Break

The rest of break we spent going to halloween parties and celebrating birthdays. Now life is getting back to normal.

The kids at a Halloween party at a nearby medical center. I am sad to say that the kids didn't dress alike this year. I gave them a break this year and gave my wallet a break. Plus i am hoping next year we will have another little Frost to wear a matching costume :)

Rylie in line for a pony ride.

Rylie with daddy.


Skyler's 6th birthday, round one. He only opened presents from mommy and daddy and shared a cake with daddy since their birthdays are days apart. He will open more gifts on his actual birthday, October 27th, and have a friend party after Halloween.


He was a happy camper!

Birthday cake

The two birthday boys :)

Carson starts Basketball

Carson LOVES basketball and has wanted to play on a team forever! For various reasons it hasn't happened, until last week. He had his first game with his team at the rec center and it was soo much fun!!! I'm not a sports mom, but there is something magical about watching your kid doing something that they are so passionate about. I loved every second of it and thought he was pretty darn good. Especially considering most of his teamates have been playing for 5 years.

Carson trying to block a shot.

He was in heaven!

My awesome little pointguard.

Go #2!!!!!!

With his teamates.

After the game.

The Zoo

Another day of fall break we went to the zoo. They were having a free admission day and Rylie had never been, and Skyler hadn't been since he was a baby! I know, I'm a bad mom :/!!! The weather was perfect and the crowds weren't too bad so we had a ton of fun!

Madelyn, Carson, Skyler, and Rylie at the beginning of our day at the Denver Zoo.

A bear scratching its back, too funny!

More bears.

My monkeys with a much bigger monkey!

A gorilla just chillin'!

Two adorable lemurs napping together.

Mustache monkey (not it's real species name of course)!

On the zoo train.

Cutie Carson.

Carson sat with mommy on the train :)

Skyler and Madelyn

Carson on the merry-go-round.

The rest of the kids with daddy on the merry-go-round.

Skyler and Rylie in front of a tank of fishes and turtles.



The kids had only one week off for fall break so we decided to stay home and do fun stuff in town. Jared also took the whole week off, which was great! The first day we decided to go bowling. The kids had a blast and I am regetful to say that I was dead last in both games! Next time I may use the bumpers!

Rylie ready to bowl.

Look at that face!

Madelyn workin' it.

Jared being a goon!

Daddy helping Rylie.

Daddy with Skyler and Rylie.

Handsome Carson!

All my monkeys.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fall 2010

One evening we went out biking, wagoning, and walking through the neighborhood. It was fun and the weather was beautiful!

Skyler and Rylie on the "dying" rock climbing wall.

The kids had career dress up day at school. Madelyn wants to be a popstar like Taylor Swift. Carson wants to play for the Lakers. Skyler said he wants to be a professional golfer.

They're ready to go!

Skyler and Rylie at the school Fall Fest.

Rylie was obsessed with the firetruck!

Look at this awesome wreath my mom made me with real candy corns!!! Love it!!!!