Monday, February 1, 2010

This past month....

We had a few things happen this month, but for the most part have been homebound. I have now been potty training Rylie for a month and she is making little progress. Some may argue that she's not ready, but I know my child and she is just willful and stubborn. Because we have literally done almost nothing, I haven't had much to blog. Here's the few things we have done lately...

Carson's 3rd grade class had a "mini society" where they had to make and sell goods to learn about money.

Carson made and sold Valentine's cards.

He was so excited we came to his school!

Carson has needed some extra mommy time lately so he gets to choose an activity for the two of us to do together once a week. This week was basketball.

Apparently he was Kobe Bryant and he said I was Carmelo Anthony :)

Carson and mommy

Our coaches waiting to tell us what to do

Me in action

Carson taking a time out

Carson also put together our second annual family awards. He wrote the script, wrote and passed out ballots, mc-ed the event, and even wrote segway jokes to lead into the next award each was hilarious and brilliant!!!

Skyler accepting his certificate (also made by Carson) for funniest future job, which was in computers and video games.

Rylie won the next award for family peace maker

Madelyn helped her with her acceptance speech

Madelyn won for craziest hair, which was funny cuz she has normal nice hair :)

Madelyn announcing the winner for best book

The World Record Book won and dad helped it talk and give its speech, the kids thought that was hilarious!

Yay for the Frost Family Awards 2010!!!