Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rest of our Cali Christmas

Christmas at Ma's house

Blake opened his Santa gift late because he was asleep when everyone else opened theirs

With Daddy

Me tired from all the festivities :/

The kids with Auntie Beth

Skyler with Uncle Cam

Skyler wearing Blakie's shorts!!!

My kids with Ma before we left to go home :(

We miss them soooo much!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Grandma Cummings

My Grandma Cummings recently passed away and I found these pictures from the last time I saw her in 2005!!! She only met 3 of my kids, but was a great grandma and sweet lady :)

Wow this is old!

Holding Skyler, who is now 7 years old!

She will be missed!

Blake at Children's Hospital

Blake has a weird ear so his doctor wanted us to get his kidneys checked. I guess ears and kidneys form at the same time in the womb. He had an ultrasound and his kidneys are perfectly healthy. He was such a good baby during the 30 minute ultrasound :)

Beth's quick visit

My sister Beth had a layover in Denver before Christmas, so we met her for lunch.

Miss her soooo much!!!!!!


Disneyland trip and drive home

It's a Small World; Mommy, Carson, and Blake

Skyler and Madelyn

Daddy with Madelyn and Blakey

Rylie was so excited!!! The last time we went she was a baby!

My boys

On the tram

My cuties

On the Dumbo train

Blakey was an angel baby and it was a LONG day!!!

On the Nemo ride

In Grand Junction taking a break from our 18 hour drive home!!!

More of Our Colorado Xmas

Looking at Christmas lights with the kids

Daddy and Blake

Blake with mommy

We left our house like this before we went to Cali for Christmas

Rylie's New Haircut

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas at Ma and Grandpa's house

Christmas morning in matching jammies

My kids with cousin Evelyn

My parents' house...some of my favorite people in the entire world!!!!

Madelyn and Carson reading the Santa Letter



Me opening my stocking

Being silly

Some of the Cummings family

Check out all the loot!!!

Carson being a goon!

Rylie's Santa Gift

Skyler with his Santa gift

Madelyn's Santa gift

Carson with his Santa gift