Thursday, October 10, 2013

Party for the Twins' First Birthday 10-6-13

The Birthday girls!

Ella loves sunglasses!

Emerson is too wiggly to keep them on :)

Ella present

Emerson present

Emerson reading her new book

These girls LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba!

check out those awesome eyelashes

Blakey thought this Toodie was his

Love at first sight!

Happy Emerson

Ella drinking her pre-cake baba :)

It's cake smashing time!

Barbie cakes made by Ma

Ella was not a fan!

"Get this stupid barbie out of my way!"


It was the opposite of how we thought it would go. Emerson is less into food and more of an observer, while Ella is my spunky girl who is OBSESSED with food! Emerson demolished her cake, while Ella delicately picked off each flower sprinkle and was very ladylike 

All bathed and in her new jammies

Emerson all clean and playing with her new toy

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