Sunday, January 13, 2013

Emerson & Ella

Emerson and Ella took a very short nap after crying awhile.
The girls in Rylie's old clothes

Ella was not a fan of the hat!

It was so cute!  When Ella cried, Emerson kept touching her like she was trying to comfort her sissy :)

Emerson also not happy


Mad babies!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

stockings and Santa gifts
our awesome tree
Santa letters and treats
ready to start...the twins were still asleep
classic on the stairs picture :)
reading the Santa letter
Don't forget Blakey!
ready for stockings and Santa gifts
the three older kids got nooks
handsome Blake

Santa gave Blake a Sesame Street playhouse
Madelyn really wanted this quill.  Thanks Ma and Grandpa!

Carson was thrilled he got Nuggets tickets, playing against the Lakers.
Skyler really wanted this Lego set and book.

Rylie loves this tea set from Ma and Grandpa.   She plays with it every day :)

The twins woke up and joined us a little later.  Smiley Emerson :)

Emerson and Ella

The girls' first Christmas!  They got these dollies from Santa :)

Ella got this rad hat in her stocking

She was not digging wearing her new jacket and hat

Pouty Emerson, not a fan of the hat either :)

Christmas babies

Emerson loves her new doll!

Carson and Skyler were exhausted from all the fun!