Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Starts: August 15,2011

My three older kids started school yesterday, which was Monday August 15th. It seems every year summer gets shorter and school starts sooner. They were pretty excited even though I never am; I lose my slave labor during the day ;)

Madelyn-12 years old-7th Grade

Carson-10 years old-5th Grade

Skyler-6 1/2 years old-1st Grade

All my munchkins together :)

Aren't they adorable? And getting soooo big!!!

Blake helping send them off.

Just another day of preschool for Rylie.

Love those big eyes and smile!

Time for mommy and Blake one on one time :)

NICU Annual Celebration

This past Saturday we went to a NICU annual celebration at Sky Ridge Medical Center, where Blake was born. They invited our whole family for brunch, face painting, free group pictures, and visiting with the doctors and nurses who took care of Blake while he stayed in the hospital's NICU. We had a great time and plan on attending every year!

The party scene. The kids played on the awesome playgound on the right.

Our guest of honor, Blake, dressed up for a business meeting ;)

They invited babies and families from the past 10 years.

The food was great and there was a ton of it!

Some of the family chowing down.

Rylie meeting the dinosaur mascot of the Colorado Rockies.

And daddy too!

Blake with the NICU doctor, Dr. Toney. He was amazing!!!

Rylie's "face painted" unicorn.

All my kids at the hospital, we had a great experience there!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rylie starts Preschool

Rylie started preschool this past Thursday and loved it! She's growing up too fast!

She was so ready for me to leave already!

Extra pic: went to get Blake and found him way at the top of the crib and turned perpendicular all on his own! He is so strong!