Thursday, March 18, 2010

Balling with Uncle Keenan

Between Adriana's wedding and the reception we went back to my parents house, where Carson challenged Uncle Keenan to a one-on-one basketball game. They had a blast and despite his height advantage, Carson schooled Keenan! Enjoy the pics!

Keenan's cute wife Koseli in the corner in her monkey slipper :)

Adriana's Wedding

My sister Adriana got married on Saturday, March 13th in the Los Angeles Temple. It was one of the most beautiful weddings that I've ever been to. The flowers, the colors, the bride, and her amazing dress. It was so perfect!

The bridesmaids at the temple: My sis-in-law Koseli, Adriana's friends Charisse, Ashley, Olivia, Whitney, and me.

Jared and I with the kids at the temple.

The gorgeous bride and groom, Adriana and Brian McEwen.

Adri and Brian with my parents and all the Cummings kids (minus Analisa and Bethany)

Adriana and all the flower girls, including Madelyn and Rylie.
Rylie in uncle Keenan's jacket, it was chilly.

Look how beautiful her dress is!!!

The backyard before the reception.

Adri's lovely cake.
The reception in my parents backyard.

The centerpieces...i loved her colors!

Madelyn and i getting jiggy with it on the dance floor.

My parents entryway before the party started.

The yard looked beautiful, especially with the 60 lighted lanterns.

Rylie's 3rd Birthday

My camera broke right before Rylie's birthday so the pics are only ok cuz i used a disposable camera. And due to this they are also late. Rylie's birthday was February 28th.

Rylie opening a pink ball, her favorite color, which Carson picked out.

Right now Rylie loves Ni Hao Kai-lan so she got a bunch of those toys and a Kai-lan tree house.

Eating one of her favorite dinners, lazagna.

This was cute! Rylie spilled her drink everywhere and had to get naked. So she decided to get her new Dora umbrella and eat with it naked in case she spilled again. Love it!!!

Rylie's cake...i got pics of her blowing out the candles but they were too dark. Stupid disposable camera!