Friday, January 21, 2011

Closet Makeover

Today we had our new closet put in from the container store, thanks to a $1000 gift card from that Oprah contest we won. We spent an extra $900 because the gift card only bought the basic framework and we had to pay for the instillation. What was awesome was that when the installer was finished he said that Oprah covers $300 of the instillation. Plus he had $50 worth of parts he didn't use that we can take back for a refund! So Oprah paid $1350 and we paid $550. And all the closet stuff was 30% off, so even though we didn't want to spend anything, we got a ton for the money. Also cool is that when we eventually move to a permanent home the container store will reinstall it there :)

Jared's side, before

My side, before

Original shelving

New drawers and racks

Jared's new side

Pants racks and jewelry boxes, my favorites!

My new shelves

Jared's side

When you walk in

My new side; shoes, clothes, and storage

Jared's new side

Love it!!!!

So excited!

Yay for all my jewelry :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My new niece

Beautiful Evelyn Grace McEwen!

My sister Adriana and her little girl :)

Ma and Evelyn sharing a joke :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Utah Trip

On New Year's weekend we made a last minute trip to Utah to meet up with my family. We went Friday to Monday, so we only spent 2 full days with the fam, but still had a great time. Here's the pics to prove it.

This at Adri and Brian's apartment. Rylie and Skyler were hanging out with uncle Keenan and aunt Koseli.

Skyler and cousin Tabetha really hit it off and became best buds :)

We visited Bethany on her mission at temple square. Man I miss this girl!

Our whole group watching the movie about familes at the temple. My dad's voice is in it :)

The Salt Lake temple is sooo beautiful!

A cool model of the Salt Lake temple in the visitor's center.

Carson looking at the model of the inside of the temple.

I think it is awesome that people who can't go in the temple can see what the inside looks like.

My mama with three out of four of her girls (Adri was too tired and stayed home)

Sisters :)